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Email Marketing & Validation Service

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a really effective way to send campaign messages, announce new products and services, send special offer codes and discounts, promote company events, generate new leads and increase sales. Email marketing is also a fantastic way to keep in touch with your existing customers – letting them know you’re still around, keeping their loyalty and motivating them to spend more money with your business.

Advantages of Email Marketing

01. Cost effective

02. Invaluable real-time data

03. Full control of message

o4. Excellent ROI

05.. Quick and easy

06. Immediate results

07. Global reach

08. Environmentally friendly

09. Powerful personalisation

10. Measurable

Benefits of Email Validating Service:

01. Boosts Deliverability and Engagement Rates

Email validation services are becoming an integral part of email-based businesses’ day-to-day operations, as they significantly help improve your marketing and sales results. As the number of online users is growing, so does the volume of emails being sent and exchanged every day, however, a large share of these emails can be fake or invalid. That’s why email verification services emerged to help business owners and marketers maintain high contact list quality and prevent issues that might occur if temporary or invalid email addresses remain in their lists.

02. Prevents Hard Bounces

The Bounce Manager allows you to automatically deal with hard bounces on your email campaigns. You can set it up in order to delete the email addresses that bounce from future newsletters or from your account itself, so that you only keep valid contacts in your address book. The Bounce Manager automatically deletes invalid emails from imported lists, as well.

03. Helps Choose Better Email Sourcing Method

email validity is the assurance that a given email address and mailbox is working. Email validation doesn’t guarantee that the user is on your recipient list. It will simply tell you that the email address exists, which can help you maximize the quality of your data collection.

04. Helps Keep Your Email List Updated

Most email service providers (ESPs) will block you from sending emails to invalid or fake email addresses. This can make it harder for you to reach your leads and subscribers because your emails won’t be delivered to them. Email verification cleanses your list of invalid IDs and helps make sure that your messages can be successfully delivered.


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