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What is SEO ?

Web3matrix as google SEO expert defines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of aligning your website’s functionality, content, and promotion with search engines. The goal is to rank highly on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

SEO that involves the technical, on-page, and off-page aspects of a website to help boost its presence in search engine results. SEO is an integral part of digital marketing Its is a marketing strategy that guides a business in attracting visitors through a ranking on search engines. SEO efforts aim to benefit the traffic, ranking and reputation of a company’s website by increasing the number of visitors and the length of time they stay on their site.

Why it is important for Business & Startups ?

In today’s world, it is imperative that your business has a strong presence on the internet.

With search engine optimization, you can ensure that your business is visible to potential customers who are looking for what you have to offer.

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool for businesses because it helps your company reach its target audience, as well as other audiences that you may not have realized would be interested in your products or services.

SEO allows you to optimize your website’s content and other facets of your digital presence so that it can rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. This is important because when potential customers search for something related to your business on these sites, they are more likely to find you. So we are here to help you as a one of the best SEO expert in Bangladesh.

SEO is about making sure your business is at the top of search results when people are looking for what you offer. That means that when someone searches “best restaurants in [location],” yours comes up first, and when someone Googles “Mexican food near me,” they land on your website. It also means that you can reach new customers who haven’t come across your business before.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of any business. Your potential customers are searching for the items you sell, but they probably aren’t typing in your business name. If they’re not finding your website, you’re losing out on sales. SEO is especially important if you’re selling a product that has a lot of competition. In this regard we can help to get potential customers as SEO expert agency in Bangladesh.

01. More Traffic
We can increase the number of customers visiting your website by targeting audiences that are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

02. More Leads
Increased visibility results in an increase in targeted website visitors, which increases the odds of making more sales.

03. More Revenue

Visibility and credibility help people find your website. Targeted traffic turns into leads, and leads turn into sales.

04. More Brand Awareness

By cultivating a strong brand identity, you can create a lasting relationship with your customers. Brand loyalty can help a business succeed in a market.

05. More Business Growth

New traffic, qualified leads, and brand awareness create the opportunity for new business opportunities.

06. More Trust and Authority

When your business maintains a presence at the top of search results, customers will see you as an industry authority.

CTR on Seo performance

Google Key Ranking Factors

SEO expert in Bangladesh

Questions? You’re covered.

Yes, your business should invest some resources in search engine optimization, which allows you to increase traffic and visibility without having to pay each time someone clicks on a link to your website.
Web3matrix can help you to achieve your goal as one of the best SEO Specialist in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on search engines such as Google. Search engine optimization relies upon more than 200 ranking factors, which allows a webpage’s authority and relevancy to determine its rank on the search engine results page.

It is important to know if your website’s pages are indexed in search engines. Having your site listed means that it has been added to a search engine database of web pages. Ranking is the quality of listing, and ranking high is desirable.

Google may issue penalties (known as manual actions) to websites that violate its webmaster guidelines. The two types of penalties handed out by Google to webmasters are (1) manual action penalties, and (2) algorithmic penalties.

It takes a few months to get an internet site to rank on the first page of search results for local search terms, but it might take years to get a new website to rank on the first page of search results for non-location specific terms such as laptop.

Back in 2016, Google confirmed that its top three ranking factors were links, content, and RankBrain.

Duplicate content, when it occurs between different websites or pages on the same site, can cause search engines to perceive those sites or pages as duplicate or near-duplicate content. This can negatively affect a site’s search-engine rankings. Web3matrix works on Google SEO in comprehensive manner. So we can help you all the way.